Good Morning,
I just wanted to let you know I was deeply moved by yesterday's sermon. At first, the descriptions disturbed me and I was emotionally wincing
as you described all the torture Jesus went through. Then, I was uncontrollably sobbing in my seat. I couldn't hold back, and I couldn't control
the ferocity of the tears streaming down my face. I was moved and convicted as I realized how lightly I took the suffering of Christ the last
couple years. I had taken communion and read these passages without full reverence, and I had to repent then and there for not acknowledging
the severity of all that my Savior suffered. I had forgotten the intensity of His blows, the pain inflicted and the damage done. I was so focused on
the resurrection that I had belittled the magnitude of all that Jesus went through to fulfill it.
Thank you for the reminder. I desperately needed to hear it.

Tomorrow I will celebrate Christ's glorious victory over death in resurrection. Tonight, my heart ponders the magnitude of His suffering, and tries
to grasp the love He has for us to come to the point of the cross.

Have a wonderful Easter,